Aug 052018

At last, after 3 years of development, my collaboration with Lina Limosani has opened at the Edinburgh fringe – all relevant links on Home page.

Tickets already seem to be selling fast so please buy soon if you are keen! Here’s the blurb:

‘The show is based upon the Moirai (Fates) of Greek mythology – the goddesses charged with measuring, weaving and cutting the thread that constitutes all human life. Despite their incredible power, tantalising questions remain over the extent to which these goddesses, engaged in a constant cycle of labour, are able to exercise their own freewill.

For The Spinners, we have transposed the key imagery of the myth of the Moirai to a sprawling urban setting – a kind of sweatshop – where these goddesses are re-contextualised in a very human environment in which they must face issues of moral choice, personal loyalty, and mortality.’

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