Jun 162016

CLP_0704_0081 copySlightly belatedly, I am delighted to report that The Spinners is off to a flying start. I spent a month spannig March and April directing in Australian Dance Theatre’s magnificent ballroom space in Adelaide; with dancers Samantha Hines, Tara Jade Samaya and choreographer / dancer Lina Limosani.

SPIN1 copy

The project – spanning three years, and due to culminate in summer 2018 – is a collaboration with Australia’s Limosani Projekts and Far and Away Productions, based upon the Moirai (Fates) of Greek myth. It is proving a total thrill to work with some of the finest dancing talent in Oz on their home turf. Phase two this coming January…






(NB: I found this ‘OOG’ engraving on a panel of a wildlife reserve’s Koala enclosure. What does it mean?)

I soon hope to be able to talk a bit about the next phase – and public debut – of The Tapping, my new solo show bridging Poe’s The Raven, Orpheus’ descent into the underworld, and Edward Gorey. Plans almost ready to reveal, but not quite…

Picture 25 copy

A number of other show projects in the pipeline; more on them too in the next months, as well as a number of upcoming Oog dates for this year and next (see ‘Oog on Tour’ page.)


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