Oct 092015

Are you an established performer, actor or director looking to extend your physical performance skills? The Embodied Theatre Annual Residency (TETAR) run by performer-directors Al Seed, Alex Rigg (Oceanallover) and Ewan Downie (Company of Wolves) may be what you are looking for…

‘The Embodied Theatre Annual Residency is a six-week course in physical devising and performance skills. This year it will be delivered in three two-week teaching blocks between December 2015 and May 2016, in Glasgow. There are no charges for participation and a subsidy will be provided to each of the twelve participants. Applications are welcome from outside of Scotland. The course is designed to provide established performers, actors and directors with the opportunity to extend their physical performance skills without having to spend extensive periods away from paid employment.’

Deadline for applications is: 5pm, Friday 23rd October 2015

If interested, please find full details here: TETAR_15-16

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