Al Seed

Al Seed is a Glasgow-based theatre maker specialising in physical disciplines. He is also the artistic director of Conflux ( and a lecturer for the diploma in physical theatre, accredited by Adam Smith College.

Aug 182018


The Total Theatre Award nominees for 2018 have been announced.

A total of seven awards will be awarded across five categories, with the final winners announced at a ceremony on 23 August.

Twenty-nine peer assessors from nine countries assessed 461 eligible shows over the course of the first 11 days of the Fringe. The shortlisted shows will now move to a judging panel where shows are seen by leading arts industry figures from seven countries including critics, academics, artists and programmers.

Total Theatre and The Place Award for Dance

Roberta Jean (Scotland)

Gandini Juggling (England)

V / DA and MHz, in association with Feral (Scotland)

The Spinners
Limosani Projekts and Al Seed Productions (Australia & Scotland)

Taiwan Season: Varhung – Heart to Heart
Tjimur Dance Theatre (Taiwan)

Aug 052018

At last, after 3 years of development, my collaboration with Lina Limosani has opened at the Edinburgh fringe – all relevant links on Home page.

Tickets already seem to be selling fast so please buy soon if you are keen! Here’s the blurb:

‘The show is based upon the Moirai (Fates) of Greek mythology – the goddesses charged with measuring, weaving and cutting the thread that constitutes all human life. Despite their incredible power, tantalising questions remain over the extent to which these goddesses, engaged in a constant cycle of labour, are able to exercise their own freewill.

For The Spinners, we have transposed the key imagery of the myth of the Moirai to a sprawling urban setting – a kind of sweatshop – where these goddesses are re-contextualised in a very human environment in which they must face issues of moral choice, personal loyalty, and mortality.’

Aug 052018

The past year has been crackers: so much going on that I haven’t written about any of it here!

The Shadow of Heaven – my adaptation of Milton’s Paradise Lost in collaboration with Judith Milligan, and in partnership with Feral and Macrobert Arts Centre – was debuted in April, and plans are now underway for the next phase of development. Photo from set designer Kai Fischer.

Jan 162017

Straight back to work! Am currently doing another month long directing stint with Australia’s Limosani Projekts, this time on home turf, hosted by Dance Base. Video of work so far on my FB page

After a moment to catch my breath it’ll be the first Oog of 2017; Sat 4th Feb in Traverse 1, Edinburgh, as part of Manipulate Festival; further info here

Oct 192016

In the run up to Halloween – and with new solo, The Tapping, debuting next week – I have decided to share some photos from the vaults…

The Tapping is a reimagining of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven; but this poem is not the only tale of horror set in Poe’s native east coast USA.

What shocker does this very long flight of steps in Georgetown, Washington DC, feature in; and why might I hesitate to venture further into the woods from this particular lay-by in Frederick County, Maryland? Answers on a postcard please (I’m still thinking of a prize)…

The Tapping is being being produced in support of Paisley 2021 in association with Feral Arts and Paisley Arts Centre Renfrewshire Leisure

Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th October
Paisley Town Hall / Paisley / Renfrewshire
£10 (£6 conc) + bkg fee*
Suitable for ages 18+





Aug 242016

Quick update: Just getting Oog back up to speed for this weekend’s performance at Greenbelt Festival, Kettering, before returning to rehearsals for my role in Danish Company,  Cantabile 2’s  upcoming new show in early September. (Great to be back in Vordingborg!) Also, tickets for the October debut of solo Raven-adaptation, The Tapping, now officially available through partner Paisley Arts Centre – as part of Paisley’s City of Culture 2021 bid – as are tickets for Oog at Circomedia, Bristol, in November. VERY excited to be back in the old hood for that one… More in a bit!

Maybe Oog in this tent??


Jun 162016

CLP_0704_0081 copySlightly belatedly, I am delighted to report that The Spinners is off to a flying start. I spent a month spannig March and April directing in Australian Dance Theatre’s magnificent ballroom space in Adelaide; with dancers Samantha Hines, Tara Jade Samaya and choreographer / dancer Lina Limosani.

SPIN1 copy

The project – spanning three years, and due to culminate in summer 2018 – is a collaboration with Australia’s Limosani Projekts and Far and Away Productions, based upon the Moirai (Fates) of Greek myth. It is proving a total thrill to work with some of the finest dancing talent in Oz on their home turf. Phase two this coming January…






(NB: I found this ‘OOG’ engraving on a panel of a wildlife reserve’s Koala enclosure. What does it mean?)

I soon hope to be able to talk a bit about the next phase – and public debut – of The Tapping, my new solo show bridging Poe’s The Raven, Orpheus’ descent into the underworld, and Edward Gorey. Plans almost ready to reveal, but not quite…

Picture 25 copy

A number of other show projects in the pipeline; more on them too in the next months, as well as a number of upcoming Oog dates for this year and next (see ‘Oog on Tour’ page.)