Dec 192015

I am very excited to be preparing for three major projects for 2016. Firstly, Oog will be back out on tour in May-June, and again in October-November. Tour dates in England – and further a field – to be announced sometime after performances at Jacksons Lane as part of London International Mime Festival, 15th-17th Jan.

I have also commenced work on my next solo show, The Tapping, which is being developed in partnership with Paisley Arts Centre, and will eventually be presented site-specifically in Paisley town hall. Drawing upon a long-term fascination with the writings of Edgar Allan Poe, and elements from Greek myths, The Tapping will be a highly visual Gothic-horror melodrama, with a bit of a hat-nod to another inspiration; Edward Gorey. More on that, and a February work-in-progress showing, soon.

Also more soon on The Spinners; a major production, which I will direct, being developed over three years in collaboration with Australian dancer and choreographer, Lina Limosani. Details shortly…

A big thank you to all my long-term collaborators; producers, Feral; and everyone who saw and supported my work this past year. Have a good festive.

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