The focus of Al’s work is the creation of predominantly visual theatre designed for extensive national and  international touring. He specialises in solo performance but also regularly guest directs for  theatre and dance companies. He continues to teach and mentor in various contexts.


The Spinners is now selling out daily. It’s quite possible the entire run will be sold out by the end of this week. BOOK NOW!

★★★★★ review for The Spinners in The Guardian and ★★★★★ in The British Theatre Guide       More ★★★★ reviews in Blog.

The Spinners – in collaboration with Australia’s Limosani Projekts, and part of  The Made in Scotland showcase 2018 – has opened at Dance Base for the Edinburgh Fringe: More in Blog.

Plans for the next phase of development of The Shadow of Heaven – Al’s adaptation of Milton’s Paradise Lost, in collaboration with Judith Milligan – are underway.


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